Playing God in an Art Lab by Geraldine Javier at Singapore Tyler Print Institute

My favorite gallery in Singapore is, hands down, Singapore Tyler Print Institute.

The Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI) was established in 2002 under the guidance of the influential American master printer, Kenneth E. Tyler. STPI collaborates with outstanding emerging and recognized artists from around the world to push the technical and aesthetic frontiers of printmaking and papermaking.

I’ve been keen to take a printmaking or papermaking class in their state-of-the-art facilities. Soon, soon!

o o o o o

I stopped by STPI the other afternoon to check out “Playing God in an Art Lab” by Filipina painter, Geraldine Javier. The solo show is the culmination of Javier’s four-week residency at STPI. She transforms the gallery into a veritable “cabinet of curiosities.” Her tactile, haunting, and dreamlike paper pulp-based mixed media works incorporate various craft techniques, from elaborate needlework to the manipulation of preserved leaves. Javier’s Four Seasons series, my personal favorite, skillfully combines the techniques of woodblock, lithography, and screen print.

FYI, “Playing God in an Art Lab” closes on August 11.

(Additional credits: From right to left: Four Seasons, Four Ages (First Cycle) Winter, 2012; Four Seasons, Four Ages (Second Cycle) Winter, 2012. Via Singapore Tyler Print Institute.)