Pink Dot 2012

We missed Pink Dot, an annual celebration of LGBTQ identity, in 2011. This year, we did not make the same mistake. We were one of the first to arrive at Hong Lim Park!

Pink Dot SG aims to build “a stronger, more open, and inclusive Singapore.” The nonprofit organization is open to all, gay and straight, who support the belief that everyone deserves the freedom to love. Their marquee event, Pink Dot, is held every June. It raises awareness about issues facing LGBTQ Singaporeans and sends a message to LGBTQ people that “they are loved and valued in Singapore.”

Foreigners are not allowed to participate in the formation of the Pink Dot (*sad face*), the culmination of this annual gathering. We cheered on from the sidelines as nearly 15,000 Singapore citizens and permanent residents assembled into a brilliant, glittering circle.

o o o o o

On a more personal note, we are thrilled that our daughter attended her first Pride-like event, not in New York City, but in Singapore! We want her to know that she is free to love whomever she wants, no matter where in the world she is, without fear or consequence.

(Additional credits: Photo layout via Pugly Pixel.)

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  1. That is AWESOME! Love it! The photo of the pink dot is amazing. I attend Pride when I’m able in my town of Kansas City (US), and one day my son will attend with me. He’s going to learn that love is love, and that is to be celebrated. :D