Photography by Darren Soh

I recently splurged on a new DSLR and a handful of new lenses. I had outgrown my “entry-level” DSLR and wanted to invest in something a little bit more powerful, a little bit more professional. Since then, I have been constantly scouring the Web for inspiration.

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Darren Soh is an award-winning photographer with particular interest in architectural and landscape photography. He wants to “record Singapore before this city-state is entirely swallowed up by onward-rushing modernization.” I like many of Darren’s photographic studies, but my favorites are Building Blocks, 2006-2008, SS24: The Last Train, 2011, and Political Landscape(s): Images from Singapore’s General Elections 2011. The above photographs are from the series While You Were Sleeping, 2002-2004.

Darren is also a founding member of PLATFORM, a professional and social organization that fosters “social documentary visual storytelling in Singapore through the photography medium.”

Selected images from Darren’s portfolio are available as limited edition fine art prints. For more details, contact him directly.

(Additional credits: Photographs via Darren Soh’s Facebook page; photo layout via Pugly Pixel.)