Ong Shunmugam by Priscilla Tsu-Jyen Shunmugam

I discovered Ong Shunmugam, a line of contemporary womenswear, via POSKOD.SG. Love, love, love. Really, I have no other words.

Lawyer-turned-designer Priscilla Tsu-Jyen Shunmugam creates fashion-forward pieces inspired by traditional Asian dress. “The label’s challenge lies in taking elements that the current generation of Asians consider to be outdated or restrictive and see if we can fashion a rethink of traditional garments or textiles in some small way,” she says.

Shunmugam’s successful Guardianship line is inspired by the cheongsam, the tight-fitting Chinese dress that was popularized in Shanghai during the 1920s. She is hard at work on her Cruise 2012 collection, which will have the sari receive the Ong Shunmugam treatment. I can’t wait to see.

(Additional credits: Photograph via Ong Shunmugam; lace frames via Pugly Pixel.)