Detour: Sentosa

I’d only been to Sentosa twice. And, that too, way back in 2010.

Until this weekend.

We redeemed a boatload of frequent flier miles and staycationed at the ultra-luxe Capella Singapore. Yes, the breakfast buffet was amazing. And yes, the spa was divine. But I spent much of the weekend admiring this gorgeous colonial slash modern building perched above the South China Sea.

The new architecture, an undulating figure-eight shape by Foster + Partners, fuses gracefully with a 1880s main building, a former British military entertainment hall. (Foster + Partners are no strangers to Singapore. Their other works include the Expo MRT Station and the new Supreme Court. )

If you go: 1. Spend time in the hotel’s “library” and read a variety of reference books on history, culture, and the arts. 2. Take a long, early-morning walk on a deserted Palawan Beach. 3. And know that, despite its chichi reputation, Capella Singapore is very family friendly. Our little Ladoo was given with her own bed, her own bath, and her own toiletries. And she was graciously welcomed to dinner at The Knolls, Capella Singapore’s Mediterranean restaurant.

(Additional credits: Photo layout via Pugly Pixel.)

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  1. what a lovely place! it would great to visit one day!

    thanks for the love on twitter. you totally made my day. :)