Singapore Shopaholic: ELLY

On a tip from my friend, Kay, I checked out ELLY, a brand new children’s clothing store in Cluny Court. Her friend, Audrey, and Audrey’s sister, Carol, are behind this delightful, whimsical, local label.

ELLY was born during Audrey’s years in London. She found herself bringing home “the cutest outfits” for her then-infant niece, Sophie. “Carol was limited by choice in Singapore,” Audrey told me. “We were both inspired by the sheer variety of unique and quality products available overseas at affordable prices. So, we started designing our own line of apparel for young children.”

Audrey started manufacturing girls’ dresses in late 2009 shortly after Sophie was born, however, “then, I wouldn’t have called ELLY a proper business,” she says. “Early on, we focused on developing our designs, our cutting, and our quality, rather than our bottom line. ELLY was a hobby.” Pupsik Studio stocked their line in Singapore and, when Audrey visited from London, they held private sales. In 2010, the sisters incorporated their company, Audrey returned to Singapore, and, earlier this year, they quit their day jobs to focus on a brick-and-mortar store.

Front and center at ELLY’s cosy, inviting shop are their signature dresses and shirts. “We source our fabrics from the US, UK, and Japan and ship them to our factories in Southeast Asia where our products are manufactured,” Audrey says.

Each collection has a theme. ELLY’s February 2011 collection, Elly Loves Spring, features lady bugs and apples, and motifs that embody the light-heartedness of the season; their 2012 Lunar New Year collection, Elly Loves Dragons, celebrates the Year of the Dragon. ELLY’s latest collection, Elly Loves Balloons, is inspired simple childhood pleasures: balloons, pinwheels, paper hats, and origami.

Connect with ELLY on Facebook and follow Audrey and Carol’s retail journey on their blog.

(Additional credits: Photographs provided by ELLY; photo layout via Pugly Pixel; scallop medallion via Pugly Pixel.)

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  1. Even though children’s clothes are completely irrelevant to me, I LOVE looking at them. Miniature clothes always look so much cuter. Love those mini cheongsams and party frocks!