Fellow Fellow by Claire Dalgliesh

We expats get a bad rap, don’t we? Apparently, we all live in Districts 9 and 10, drive around in fancy cars*, and stick to ourselves**. Not true. There are a ton of us who have a local network, contribute to our communities, and don’t confine ourselves to the “expat bubble.”

* I’ll throw a party the day I can afford a car in Singapore.

** If I wanted to only associate with Americans, wouldn’t I have stayed in, um, the States?

o o o o o

Meet Claire Dalgliesh of Fellow Fellow, a fellow (ha!) crafty paper artist. Claire is from Australia, by way of Germany, and is now based in Singapore. She creates beautiful screen printed stationary and accessories in her Pasir Panjang home studio. I have my eyes on her travel wallet, made of heavy coral cardboard, screen printed by hand with gold feathers, and stitched with aqua thread.

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