what if i have a blog named what if? by Doublexuan

notabilia has connected me to all sorts of interesting people and, for that, I am incredibly grateful. I often wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t have this online home.

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This past weekend, I was introduced to Zhou Jixuan, Singapore-based artist and illustrator, when she stopped by notabilia. Her brand new tumblr, what if i have a blog named what if, explores various “what if?” scenarios: What if I bake cupcakes? What if I illustrate the Kama Sutra? What if I make a permanent stain on my new dress? I lovedlovedloved her “What if I am in New York City?” illustration. Carrot cupcakes at Billy’s and banana pudding at Buttercup Bake Shop? This girl has taste!

In her own words: “[I am] a sun hater by day, obsessed paper-cutter by night. I create illustrations both digitally and through my paper works… After painting for six years, I decided to start putting my attention onto creating works digitally. However, I could not break away from the charm of using tactile materials and thus started my journey in paper-cutting. There is something magical in the potentiality of a blank piece of paper.”

Hear, hear. Check out her paper-cut illustrations here. And connect with Doublexuan on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

(Additional credits: Illustration via what if i have a blog named what if. Used with permission.)

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  1. I love, love, love this! It’s a fabulous shenanigan illustrated. Swoon! BTW: I was trying to pin it, but couldn’t grab the image. Not sure why. xoxo