A New Year, A New Baby

Happy 2012, new friends and old. I hope that this new year brings you boundless joy.

o o o o o

We received a little bundle of joy shortly after the year began and we’ve spent much of 2012 getting to know the newest member of our family.

I’m enjoying my “confinement” (delicious, homemade Indian food, as our family is in town) and will be blogging intermittently throughout the month. (Regular readers, fret not. notabilia will not turn into a parenting/co-parenting blog!)

o o o o o

As for next month…

jusdeananas and I are, once again, inviting you—arts bloggers, arts educators, museum curators, students of art history, or anyone interested in the arts/culture industry in Singapore—to join us for a drink and a yak sessionWe’re meeting at 8pm on Wednesday, February 1 at The Pigeonhole, 52/53 Duxton Road. If you have any questions, email jusdeananas@gmail.com or contact.notabilia@gmail.com or leave a comment on either of our blogs.

17 responses

  1. Congratulations! The next time I come back to Singapore, perhaps I’ll get to meet your little girl at the artsy meet-up. (Or maybe at Murugan’s Idli.) :)

  2. Whoo hoo! I know she’ll be super healthy after drinking in all that homemade Indian food… and perhaps some of that delicious laksa from a few posts ago. Congrats on your new “creative endeavor.” :)

  3. Clearly late to the party, but congratulations! So far, I’ve enjoyed having a January birthday in Singapore far more than in the freezing US :).

  4. Just thinking about you and the little one. So happy for you! And enjoying your blog posts. Kudos for keeping on with the regular posts despite sleep deprivation!