Good Friday at Evil Empire

This past Friday, I finally visited Evil Empire and was acquainted with the inimitable Alan Oei, the mastermind behind the annual Open House projects. jusdeananas graciously invited me to be his plus one to “Good Friday,” an invite-only salon night.

Evil Empire, a cozy gallery space on Niven Road, is run by Salon Projects, a curatorial and management company that believes “art need not be confined to galleries and museums.”

“Good Friday” featured cellists Leslie Tan, of the T’ang Quartet, and I Shyan Tang playing, among others, Motzart’s Sonataopus posthumousK.292. What a pleasure to listen to live music in such an intimate setting! Thank you jusdeananas for the invitation.

Aside from the music, I was captivated by the four gorgeous portraits adorning the walls of the top floor of the Niven Road shophouse. The unsettling paintings are by Huang Wei. “[His] most productive period seems to have been the immediate pre- and post-war (WWII) periods,” jusdeananas told me. “He remains a shadowy figure among the more established figures of the Nanyang School.”

o o o o o

This weekend’s gathering was primarily a fundraiser for Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, a private nursing home in need of food and medical goods for their residents. If you are so moved, you can send a check (in any amount) to Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, 1 Thompson Lane, Singapore 297728.

(Additional credits: Image via Salon Projects.)

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