shooting strangers in orchard road by Danny Santos II

I write this post as a spectacular storm brews overhead.

The Northeast Monsoon has begun and nearly every afternoon, it pours. Yes, the season brings higher humidity, but it also bears wonderfully dramatic storms, amazing clouds, and cooler temperatures (“cooler” for Singapore).

The minutes before those quivering clouds burst is near magical. The wind ruffles the leaves of “rain trees” that line the island’s roads. I throw open all my windows and invite the sweet smelling air into my home.

And the rain! Sweeping sheets of rain storm down. Fat, warm drops pummel this urban landscape. (So much more delightful than the cold, pneumonia-inducing showers back home.)

o o o o o

This afternoon, while searching for photographs of the season, I stumbled upon “Bad Weather,” a series by Danny Santos II, a talented street photographer. He has been taking photographs of people on Orchard Road since 2008.

Beautiful, aren’t they? Connect with Danny on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

(Additional credits: Photographs by Danny Santos II via shooting strangers in orchard road.)

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  1. Thank you so much for this feature! I’m glad you like my work. :D Indeed, the rain really is romantic… whenever it pours on a weekend, I rush to Orchard Road hoping to capture that next keeper. :)