Affordable Art Fair Singapore 2011, Take Two

I returned to the Affordable Art Fair late on Sunday. (It was silly of me to assume that the fair would be much calmer on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It was still complete pandemonium.)

Yes, I got my hands on Singapore/Port #1 and Singapore/Port #2, but, more importantly, had an opportunity to chat with the artist, Garie Waltzer. She showcased her beautifully crafted black-and-white images in Singapore earlier this year for the first time ever. It was on that trip that Waltzer shot the ten stunning images of the Little Red Dot on sale at AAF.  She hopes to update her website soon with those images as well as photographs from her recent trip to Northern India.

We also spoke of our shared love of the book arts. She studied at the American Academy of Bookbinding in Telluride, Colorado under the tutelage of Don Glaister and Monique Lallier, master artists, among others. Recently, Waltzer hand-bound a book of prints.

o o o o o

While waiting for my purchases to be packed, I wandered around Paddocks 2 and 3 again. I caught up with Emmeline Yong, co-founder of OBJECTIFS Centre for Photography and Filmmaking. The Centre had just hoped for “some exposure,” she said, but instead had done “better.” Almost all of their smaller, more affordable prints sold and a few had expressed interest in their larger offerings, they received a lot of positive press, and many attendees inquired about their workshops.

I also saw lots of red dots, which indicates to a layperson like me that Singaporeans and Singapore-based residents do buy art. (A red dot sticker on an artist/price card indicates that the art piece has been sold.) I’m waiting for attendance figures and sales numbers to confirm my hunch.

(Additional credits: Singapore/Port #1, 2011. Carbon pigmented inks on rag paper; Singapore/Port #2, 2011. Carbon pigmented inks on rag paper. Images courtesy of the artist.)

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  1. Hi notabilia! I enjoy reading your posts very much; it gives me comfort to think that a New Yorker could find Singapore fascinating. I loved the photographic prints you got from the Art Fair. It is one of my dreams to have means to buy art for my future home, so this inspires me!