Etsy-spelunking again…

I actually discovered kirakirahoshi way back in early 2010 when I purchased two paper dolls from her store. (I purchased two more—an “Indian Bride and Groom”—as a gift a few months later.) I can’t get over the intricate details and delicate beauty of her paper dolls. And her choice of decorative papers? *swoon*

kirakirahoshi is truly exquisite paper-craftsmanship at its finest. Marvel at the complete collection on kirakirahosi’s Flickr stream.

(Additional credits: Girl in Choengsam with Fan Paper Doll by kirakirahoshi.)

One response

  1. Thanks for another great introduction. :)

    These are all so pretty. Love the African American ballerina girls and the Indian costumes. That’s a great idea for a gift.

    I swoon over exquisite paper as well.