Ivan Tan Photography

I aspire to be a decent photographer. Not a Photographer, but a better picture-maker. I can find my way around my camera, but my portraits of family and friends are lacking and I frequently think my travel photographs are boring.

In New York City, I had the opportunity to study with several excellent instructors at International Center of Photography; I’d love to take a class or two at OBJECTIFS Centre for Photography and Filmmaking here, but I’m a bit constrained by time right now.

In the meantime, I’ve been browsing the web for inspiration. The other day, I came across the work of Ivan Tan, a young, Singaporean documentary and wedding photographer. Check out his images on his website; I particularly liked his “nyc ’11” series (excerpts below).

He writes of my beloved city on his blog, “The streets are more than crowded. The roads, roaring with impatient drivers, generous with their horns. The people, heavy in character with a general go-f**k-yourself attitude. The cramped Brooklyn apartment lofts, linger with nostalgia, speak of artistic melancholy of the yesterday… [Love] for this city is like a love for cognac—an acquired taste. It is hard hitting, yet slow and mellow at the same time.”

Do also browse “small town america” (dedicated to, among others, my favorite photographers, Bernd and Hilla Becher).

(Additional credits: Photographs by Ivan Tan. Used with permission.)

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