Singapore Philatelic Museum [UPDATED]

My mother—armchair philatelist—is in town, so we stopped by the Singapore Philatelic Museum last week.

Loved it, and I admit, I didn’t expect to. My highlights? 1. The Purple Room. Archival production material, including stamp printer sheets and stamp printing plates. (Letterpress postage stamps! Who knew?) 2. The Room of Rarities. Stamps, archival philatelic material, and artefacts relating to Singapore’s postal history. I’m hungry to learn more about Singapore as city, not Singapore as country, and this gallery helped me fill in a few more gaps in my knowledge. 3. Singapore Takes Flight, a temporary exhibition. Explores the obvious connections between mail and flight. I loved the picture postcards of Kallang Airport, which continues to be my favorite building in Singapore.

UPDATE: Do check out Emily Loke’s take on the museum. She writes, “So how does one go to a philatelic museum and zone out on the stamps? When one is obsessing over old letters, obviously. The brilliant specimens of calligraphy and wax seals that adorned each of them just took my breath away.”

(Additional credits: Stamps via Singapore Philatelic Museum’s Facebook page; envelope texture via Pugly Pixel.)

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  1. Can you buy old stamps issued in Singapore there? My friend’s Dad is a pretty serious stamp collector and he’s tasked her with getting a bunch of stamps issued over the past few years.