Singapore Shopaholic: nana & bird

The most difficult thing about maintaining this column is how quickly my posts become outdated. My favorite stores keep packing up and moving, due to Singapore’s sky-high rents, I assume. It can’t be easy to be an independent retailer here. All the more reason to support these hardworking folks, right?

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Way back in March, Joy of Wild Rocketing and I popped by nana & bird‘s monthly pop-up shop in co-owner Georgina Koh’s charming Tiong Bahru apartment. It was a delightful shopping experience; Georgina and Chiewling Tan’s hand-picked inventory, sourced from their personal travels, was vintagey, eclectic, and feminine.

Now, the duo has relocated to a more permanent nest, to 01-02, Block 79, Chay Yan Street. Collectively called Tiong Bahru Commons, the new space houses a retail corner for nana & bird, as well as an office for Balls, a local design agency. nana & bird is currently stocking pieces by Emma Ware, LES FILLES, and Wonderhaus and recently showcased illustrator Celeste Anning‘s work in their store front.

nana & bird provides a pretty unique experience; it’s part-boutique browsing/part-personal shopper. nana & bird is open from 11am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday; customers can make an appointment to drop in on weekdays. But this Friday, the shop is hosting a “Late Night Shopping” event. “It’s the first time we’re doing this,” Georgina told me. “We thought it’d be great to have a little party. We will open at 5pm and will stay that way as long as the party is going strong.”

(Additional credits: Photographs provided by nana & bird; tape strip clip art via Pugly Pixel; scallop medallion via Pugly Pixel.)

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  1. I’ve been meaning to head down to their pop-up stores but can never get the dates/venues right. This is perfect; now I won’t have an excuse not to check it out.

  2. I haven’t had the chance to check out their new home! Looks gorgeous from the photos. And this reminds me of our next coffee date – apologies, am so caught up with work and the new home, but we should plan something again. Take care til then!

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been recently quite obsessed with the Tiong Bahru area. (I’ve even asked my husband to check out property there. Waha!)

    I agree that rents kill businesses here. Many of us believe a better way to make money is simply to be a landlord ;).