Forget the Kindle; Let’s Sew A Book

Didn’t I tell you there was a small, but thriving, book arts community in Singapore? Today’s Straits Times carried a feature article (by the inimitable Corrie Tan) about the handful of artists to whom “the slow art” of book making “still matters.”

“Forget the Kindle; Let’s Sew A Book” highlights Eriko Hirashima, Karen Wai and Kenny Weck of BooksActually, and yours truly. An excerpt:

Ms. Wai says: “… if you make a book by hand, you know the entire process. It makes your hands ache and your shoulders ache, and the product that comes out may not be perfect, but there’s a beauty to it as well.”

Mr Leck, 33, adds: “I think there’s a natural progression. For people who appreciate wine, they’ll eventually want to know things like where the grapes come from. I think the same goes for those who love books. Somewhere down the line, you’ll want to know the history of the printed word and how the book is made.”

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My forthcoming two-part workshop at BooksActually is sold out, but as I mentioned in the article, I am hoping to organize more workshops in the future. Wanna stay in the loop? Subscribe to my book arts mailing list.

Lastly, read Jackynn Seah’s (AKA The Occasional Traveller) reflections on today’s piece.

4 responses

  1. thought i saw a familiar face in the papers ;). looking good pooja. enjoyed the article, and appreciate the deceleration required to make a book. time to get off my google reader…

  2. Congrats on the article… you’re looking wonderful… I just love the title of this post. :)

    I have tried reading a book on a friend’s iPad for all of 30 secs… I just couldn’t do it… I need to feel the book…. not too great for the eyes either. Not very green of me but I just can’t do without a traditional book. Yeah, no Kindle for me.