Singapore Sunsets

One of the few things I miss about life in New York City, especially at this time of year? Long sunsets.

Here, because of our proximity to the equator (just 85 miles north), darkness falls almost instantly after sunset. There’s no twilight. Though ephemeral, I find Singapore’s sunsets brilliant. Some nights, the sky glows a fiery orange. It’s intense and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I have yet to capture a decent sunset on film. By the time I pull out my camera, pop on the right lens, and compose my shot, the sky has turned. I will soon; it’s on The List. In the meantime, I find inspiration on Flickr.

(Additional credits: Photograph via Wiki Media; painted edge photo frame via Pugly Pixel.)

5 responses

  1. our lack of a leisurely singaporean sunset fuels my sunset fascination, so all the more i make it a point to enjoy long sunsets when i travel. that said, the sky turns a lovely pink (fast as the sun might set!) and you might capture a good “singaporean sunset” by the sea or from a high vantage point like the sky garden at marina bay sands.

    good luck! looking forward to the photos ;)

  2. We do have brilliant sunsets here in Singapore! They come after an extremely warm day with clear skies/little clouds. I’ve seen very beautiful ones when I’m on the Helix bridge / ECP !

  3. Beautiful sunset! We don’t often see a sun set in Jakarta. There is, but when overcast, it’s hard to see. The colors in the sky are brilliant!!