GOHD Books [UPDATE #2]

UPDATE #2 (December 13, 2013): GOHD Books has a new retail location! Visit their space at 175 Bencoolen Street, Burlington Square, #01-37. Open 1:30PM to 7:30PM daily; closed on Tuesdays.

UPDATE (March 27, 2012): As of April 2012, GOHD Books has shuttered its doors and is an online retailer only.

In May, I discovered GOHD Books, Singapore’s only* antiquarian bookstore. Then, I met with owner Deyana Goh and browsed through her glorious collection in a house in a quiet residential area in Pasir Panjang. Just two weeks ago, she moved her boxes of beautiful books to a second-floor retail space off Bukit Timah Road, next door to hipster favorite, Papa Palheta. I checked out her new store this afternoon.

Deyana’s shop retains the “living room” feel of her Pasir Panjang digs. Deyana hand-picks every title on her shelves; she sources from suppliers overseas or picks up books on her travel hunts. GOHD carries an extensive collection of books on religion, philosophy, spirituality, and South East Asia and a number of literature classics. Deyana showed me her rarest finds: The Odyssey of Homer (Donaldson and Reid, 1763. SG$197.00) and The Arabian Nights: Volumes I to IV (William Miller, 1802. SG$421.00).

GOHD also trades in second-hand books and offers free shipping in Singapore for all online orders.

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The row of shophouses that houses GOHD books is worth a look-see, too. Don’t be turned off by the red brick facade. (Seriously, who thought that would be a good idea?) You can still spot the buildings’ late 1920’s details, including the stripped classical style transoms.

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* Correct me if I am wrong. I don’t think there is another store on this island that specializes in truly rare or antiquarian volumes.

(Additional credits: Photographs provided by GOHD Books.)

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  1. hello! I’m glad i stumbled through onto your blog. because, oh my goodness, i never knew an antique bookstore existed in Singapore. (I know… should’ve googled… but!)

    thank you! i might have to march right there soon enough :).

    but that’s not all… i think your blog has an awesome array of different topics covered… which is great!