Terroir: Singaporean Perspectives on Travel

Terroir is a stunning, self-published magazine with a very unique point of view: that of Singaporeans’ perspectives on travel.

Benjamin Koh, writer, editor, and designer of Terroir, prints each copy on newsprint on an ink-jet printer in his home. And Coptic binds all 160 delicate pages!

Issue 1, of which I received a digital copy, is more photography scrapbook than literary magazine. The photographs on these delicate pages will inspire wanderlust—heck, I want to book a flight to Suzhou, China—but much of the text is informative rather than evocative. However, one beautiful, long-form essay, “Sikkim” by Michelle Lim, chronicles her time in the northeastern mountain state of India as a design student and paper-maker.

Order a copy (SG$100) and you’ll also get eight postcards, a blind embossed sticker seal, an A3 poster, and a Muji pencil. BTW, only two copies will be sold each week as that is the fastest it can be printed and bound.

Connect with Terroir on Facebook and follow on Twitter. And read an interview with Benjamin on just rambling, writer Justin Zhuang’s blog about life, society, and visual culture in Singapore.

(Additional credits: Photographs by Benjamin Koh. Used with permission; Special thanks to Karen of Manic Design.)

2 responses

  1. Just beautiful :) Especially that first shot.

    Just wanted to say that I learn so much about the arts scene in Singapore from your blog. So much I didn’t know existed before I read about them here.