My Singapore: Euphemia Toong of Basheer Graphic Books

I heart Basheer Graphic Books, a well-stocked and cluttered independent bookshop carrying a range of art and design titles. Basheer stocks a bottomless well of inspiration; all sorts of books line their shelves, from fashion photography monographs to furniture design tomes, from cinematography manuals to ceramics encyclopedias.*

Today, I am delighted to welcome Euphemia Toong, curator at Basheer Graphic Books to share her Singapore with you. She’s also the woman behind the delightful blog Don’t Kaysiao (“be real” in Singlish) and a contributor to Monday Flying, a blog about lifestyle, travel, and cities in Asia “from the local’s perspective.”

To Euphemia…

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Relish. Awesome burgers and all-day branch on weekends (which I enjoy quite a bit.) If you’re still hungry, do dessert as they have interesting cake choices right at the entrance of the restaurant. Feel free to ask the servers for their recommendations as they are more than willing to help.


Basheer Graphic Books. I can safely say, “You name it, we have it.” (And even if we don’t, we’ll try our very best to look out for what you want.) I must also mention that our prices are wallet friendly; during our sales, we offer up to 20% off all our titles. Come down to the shop and you’ll see what I mean!
Simply Bread. Of course, Simply Bread serves bread. But not your ordinary choice of white or wheat. It has loads of selection; my personal favourite is cinnamon raisin, which I could eat all week long! It has a small area and serves reasonable coffee, too.

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* Last time I was at Basheer, I spotted but two bookbinding (and related arts) books. Euphemia, you think you can rectify that?

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(Additional credits: Photographs provided by Euphemia Toong.)

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  1. Yeah, do drop by Basheer soon. I call it the ‘treasure chest’ filled with good deals! You never know what you’ll be able to find at a good price in the shop.

    Thanks for the feature, my honor! :)