I Have a Room With Everything

Several months ago, I met Yanda of the beautiful blog, the artist and his model. He’s a print and interactive designer and “dabbles in curating, blogging, surfing, reading and a whole lot of thinking.”

I Have a Room With Everything, curated by Yanda and presented by Do Not Design in collaboration with AlsoDoMonie, is a brilliant free-to-touch, free-to-browse graphic design exhibition featuring printed materials. If you love print, run, don’t walk, to Night & Day. I Have a Room With Everything is a small show that not only showcases the most recognizable names in design today, but the curator’s passion and dedication to the art, too.

FYI, it closes on August 5, 2011.

o o o o o

If paper, typography, and book binding don’t move you as much as they move me, stop by just check to out 139 Selegie Road, the home of Night & Day.

It’s not often that one gets to see a building this beautiful in Singapore. The Art Deco building has herringbone hardwood floors, mosaic-tiled stairs, wrought-iron window details and inspired graffiti in the stairwells. It’s gritty, dusty, stunning, a little “Lower East Side.”*

*I hesitate to compare Singapore to New York City; these two cities are so different. But we all have our reference points.

(Additional credits: Photograph provided by I Have a Room With Everything.)

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  1. Hadn’t heard about this show – thanks for the tip ! And speaking of NYC comparisons, KL is my reference point: not afraid to let its filth show, yet with enough history and character to make up for it … No one seems to agree with me on that one, though, lol.