Singapore Shopaholic: Antiques of the Orient

In December 2009, on a swing through Singapore (which served as a very preliminary “look-and-see” trip), we discovered Antiques of the Orient and returned home to New York City with “East Indies,” a reproduction map from A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World by John Speed (below).

I returned to this pleasant, bookish, and unpretentious shop shortly after we moved to the city-state in November 2010. It’s truly a jewel box of a store. Owner Julie Yeo primarily deals in antique and reproduction maps, prints, and photos with a focus on Southeast Asia in general and Singapore in particular. As far as I know, Antiques of the Orient is the only truly antiquarian map shop in Singapore.

I have spent hours poring over her antiquarian books, maritime charts of Southeast Asia, Japanese woodblock prints, and Asian ephemera. Most recently, I spotted limited edition copies of The William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings. This two volume collection is priced at SG$800.00 (gulp!), so I’ll just admire from afar.

(Additional credits: Images via Antiques of the Orient. Used with permission; scallop medallion via Pugly Pixel.)

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  1. Excellent find! I have really fond memories of Tanglin SC, and have oddly always associated it with maps as my Opa once found a map of Trout Run (his family property in St Mary’s, PA) in some musty old store there. Obviously it’s time to pay the place a visit again….