My Singapore: Song Lim, Jeremy Tan, Lizzy Lee, and Derek Foo of RediscoverSG

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a delightful video blog, RediscoverSG. The RediscoverSG crew, Song Lim, Jeremy Tan, Lizzy Lee and Derek Foo, can be found out and about the island state, shooting stories, giving out freebies, and “making cool things happen.” In their own words: RediscoverSG “is a collaborative effort to tell stories, to bring to light the ones that matter, and to remind ourselves why, despite how much and how often we love to complain, Singapore will still always be home.”

I think the crew is incredibly talented—I invite you to check out the first of ten episodes of Unseen/Unsaid, a ten-part web series partially funded by the National Heritage Board—and I find their blog informative. As a temporary resident with a host of quirky interests, I am quite smitten with their local finds. However, I can’t help but notice that these young people (nearly a decade younger than me!) are already terribly nostalgic about their childhoods. I know that Singapore has grown at a breakneck pace, but as I talk to and learn from others here, I have come to realize that development has also been heartbreaking for some.

Song, Jeremy, Lizzy, and Derek are hungry, curious, down-to-earth, and humble and, today, I’m thrilled to welcome them to notabilia to share their Singapore with you!

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Derek loves the prawn mee noodles from Heng Heng Prawn Mee Soup in Dunman Road Food Center. He also loves the rojak from Lau Hong Ser Rojak (same food center). The owner here has a very eccentric habit of opening from exactly 4:38PM to 1.38AM everyday. The rojak is amazing; you can add a century egg to your rojak on request.

Jeremy loves the char siew, roasted duck, and pork from Bedok Cooked Food at Kovan Food Center. There’s always a long queue during lunchtime. He always orders a plate of char siew and a glass of sugar cane juice whenever he’s here.

Lizzy’s ultimate comfort food is from Qiurong Handmade Noodles, hidden in the basement of Roxy Square, opposite Parkway Parade. Many people who live in the estate don’t even know about this gem which she proclaims to be the best banmian in the whole country. She could eat it every day, and because she always orders the exact same thing, the stall owners immediately start preparing her food without words when they see her coming.

Song’s favourite wanton mee is from Hong Ji Mian Shi Jia Wanton Mee at Telok Blangah Food Center. It’s his comfort food.

A unanimous favourite is definitely Fengshan Market and Food Center or “Bedok 85.” There’s so much good food here that we can’t list our favorite stalls. Go there before the food center closes for renovations in February 2012!


We don’t shop very much but Basheer Graphic Books is definitely our go-to for design inspiration and resources.

Lizzy is slightly embarrassed to admit that she sometimes shops on GMarket because it’s really affordable. As for the guys, they love shoes and drop by LeftFoot sometimes to check out special edition sneakers.


We hang out quite a lot at coffee shops and supper places, sipping teh ping (iced milk tea) and kopi ping (iced coffee) and discuss our lives and our dreams. One of our favourite chill-out spots is Dunman Road Food Center as it is very quiet and has great food.

Another of our favorites is CrazyWorld Café, where we just held our media launch for Unseen/Unsaid. The owners, Edgar and Florence, are amazing people and their café combines their love for Chinese music and a desire to support the local Chinese music scene. The café is both a performance venue and a shop and is a peaceful place to unwind and relax.

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FYI, RediscoverSG has created a series of “DIY paper toys” as part of the Unseen/Unsaid project. Proceeds from the sales will be donated to Mainly I Love Kids (MILK). They are hoping to raise SG$10,000.

Need directions? Check out notabilia’s My Singapore guide!

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(Additional credits: Photographs via RediscoverSG. Used with permission.)

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  1. Likewise, I’ve been following the crew at Rediscover Singapore since they started and I must say that I’m a huge fan of their works! Despite their young age, it’s impressive that they are doing a fantastic job in documenting their journeys down memory lane and also in sharing a slice of Singapore with both Singaporeans and foreigners. :)