My Vintage Jewel Box by Lauryn Tang

Last weekend, I dropped by Sunday Eclectica, a fortnightly flea market at The Pigeonhole that features local artists, designers, and crafters. I went to support my friend, seamstress, and designer Marie, of Etincelle Creative Studio, and to chat with Lauryn Tang of My Vintage Jewel Box, her line of new and vintage jewelry in sterling silver, gold, and natural gems.

Lauryn trades in vintage jewelry (from a collection that her mother accumulated over time), is inspired everything from lotus flowers to champaign bubbles, and has a particular love for working with uncut gemstones. I’d be hard-pressed to choose my favorite pieces from her line, but that day at The Pigeonhole, I think I tried on nearly every ring on display.

Lauryn’s beautiful baubles can be purchased online or by appointment. She regularly showcases her work at MAAD (Market of Artists & Designers) at Red Dot Design Museum.

(Additional credits: Top to bottom: Cubic zirconia set in 22K gold; Natural ruby cabochon with sterling silver lacy heart filigree; “Twirl Rings” [hand-hammered sterling silver bands, braided sterling silver band, 14K rose gold hand-hammered band]. Via My Vintage Jewel Box’s Facebook page. Used with permission.)

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