Calling all Artsy Types! Wanna Meet Up? [UPDATED]

Another wonderful Singapore-based blog you should add to your reader: The Longue Durée… by jusdeananas.

I was introduced to jusdeananas, the incisive and opinionated voice behind this arts criticism blog, a few months ago when he stopped by notabilia. We’ve been corresponding, on-blog and off, ever since and have discussed a range of topics: from our favorite museums to tertiary education in art history, from New York City restaurants to our mutual disdain for the ArtScience Museum. (Read his roast here.)

We thought we should meet, given our shared interests, and continue our conversation in person. But jusdeananas had a more brilliant idea:

“The local food bloggers are a tight bunch, meeting up on a semi-regular basis to exchange gossip, ideas, recipes and restaurant reviews which really seems to work for them,” he wrote. “What’s stopping us arts bloggers from doing the same? Methinks its high time we had a community to call our own.”

So, we’re inviting you—arts bloggers, arts educators, museum curators, students of art history, or anyone interested in the arts/culture industry in Singapore—to join us “for a drink and a yak session.” To express your interest, send an email to or leave a comment on his blog. (Day and time to be determined based on level of interest/number of responses.) We’re meeting at 8pm on Wednesday, June 29 at The Pigeonhole, 52/53 Duxton Road. If you have any questions, email or leave a comment on his blog.

I hope to meet you soon!

(Additional credits: Watercolor texture via Lost and Taken.)