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In the past six months, I’ve discovered Singapore’s vibrant, thriving design community. I’ve been delighted to have been intrdoduced to the work of: Yanda, a visionary blogger; Yah-Leng Yu and Arthur Chin, the talented team behind Foreign Policy Design Group, a “design strategy, design thinking, and ideas bureau”; and, now, Felix Ng, art director at SILNT and partner at Anonymous, a creative “think tank,” and Germaine Chong, editor-in-chief of Bracket, a design journal published by Anonymous.

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Bracket features collections of interviews with creative people from all over the world. An inspirational sampling of the scrawled and sketched responses from Vol. 02: Hunger:

What’s the worst advice you have ever been given? I’ve never gotten bad advice. Only listened poorly. —John Maeda

Describe a typical day in the studio. wakeup/ coffee/ dishes/ NPR/ email/ Twitter/ Tumblr/ Flickr/ drawing/ drawing/ drawing/ turkey sandwich/ school prep/ email/ self-doubt/ phone/ elation/ ship orders/ drawing/ Sloppy Joe’s with Clifton/ news/ drawing/ anxiety/ Netflix/ breakthrough/ happiness/ drawing/ bowl of cereal/ drawing/ bed/ repeat. —Kate Bingaman Burt

What is your biggest fear? Being paralyzed. —Matias Corea

What would your last meal be? crepes, avacado, ravioli, so many cheeses, pesto, eggplant, rigatoni, kim bap, fresh spring rolls, bread and butter, pannacotta, cashews, sweet potatoes. —Bryn Chernoff

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Hunger is the second of a series of eight volumes. A digital version is available in the Bracket online store, but I highly recommend you get your hands on a copy. The silky paper on which it is published—100gsm Eural Offset—is luscious; it’s quite the paper-lover’s collector’s item.

And makers, do-ers and creators, right now, you can send Anonymous something you’ve made and they’ll send you a copy of Hunger. (Some of the items bartered for Vol. 01: Craft were a handmade leather camera strap, greeting cards, and an illustration.)

(Additional credits: Photographs via Bracket. Special thanks to Felix Ng and Germaine Chong for sending notabilia a review copy of Vol. 02: Hunger.)

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