Traces by Safaruddin Abdul Hamid (Dyn)

As you know, my love for Art Deco knows no bounds. In April, I caught painter Safaruddin Abdul Hamid’s (AKA Dyn) solo exhibition, Traces, at Chan Hampe Galleries, Tanjong Pagar. (I discovered Chan Hampe Galleries at Art Stage Singapore earlier this year where the gallery showcased work by Singaporean artist, Michael Lee.)

Dyn received his Diploma in Fine Arts in painting from LASALLE College of the Arts, his Bachelor’s Degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia, and his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Open University at LASALLE College of the Arts. Traces documents the architectural “darlings of yesteryear” and “celebrates not only their significance in the history of Singapore but also their place in our personal memories and past.”

Dyn, like me, has a personal fascination with the coexistence of old and new architectural landmarks. My favorite pieces from this series: 

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(Additional credits: Top to bottom: Capitol Theatre (2011), acrylic on canvas, 76×61 cm; KTM (2011), acrylic on canvas, 76×102 cm; Cathay (2011), acrylic on canvas, 102×76 cm. Images courtesy of the artist and Chan Hampe Galleries.) 

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  1. I love the juxtaposition between modern style of the paintings and art deco architecture. I love art deco, too!

    So, are these oil paintings? They have a screen print feel to them, so I’m tricked into thinking they might be prints…