All Aboard? Party on the Last Train Through Singapore

KTM to Johor Bahru

So, Jerome of The Long and Winding Road and Clarissa Tan had this brilliant idea to party on the last train through Singapore on June 30. (As you may know, as of July 1, 2011, trains will terminate at Woodlands Train Checkpoint and cease to operate at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station.)

Wanna come? Leave a note in the comments and we’ll keep you posted on our plans. I’m just collecting RSVPs; Jerome is our “conductor” as he knows the trains and train schedules well. Be sure to read his latest post, “Don’t Miss the Last Train!

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  1. I was just talking about catching the train ride and this sounds like such a fab idea! Im interested too! Any idea what time will the last train be? (Have to take leave for it.) Count me in! Will ask my friends too ;).

  2. Sounds like fun, meaningful fun as well! July’s no good for me but I think I will find this ‘old Bukit Timah Station’ Jerome mentioned on his blog. Have a trainin’ good time guys!

  3. Yes, me too! I have never taken a KTM train before! :D

    I wonder if we have to prebook tickets cos surely lots of people want to ride that historic last train…

  4. Thought that what would be best is to take a day trip – on the morning Express to Segamat, arriving around noon, wandering around the town – stopping for coffee and supplies and then hop on the Ekspres Sinaran Timur at around 1810 – that should be the last train that pulls into Tanjong Pagar … anyone with other ideas?

  5. Are the tracks going to be torn up? Why can’t this be made into a tourist attraction?

  6. this is too cool. any idea what the entire itinerary is gonna be like?

    looking forward to the details soon so we can all make necessary arrangements for it :).

  7. Can the tickets only be bought over the counter at the train station itself or is there an online platform for booking?

  8. May I request to be considered for this train party please?

    I shall make 30 June 2011 available.

    What would I need to do or contribute to be in this train party? Would I need to buy my own ticket first?