Singapore x Lomography

Another daily read: Culturepush. The site “tracks cool stuff in art, culture, and design in Singapore” and houses a comprehensive events’ calendar that often I refer to when looking for something artsy/crafty to do in the city. Writer/editor Michele Adriaens (who, BTW, is based in Switzerland now) and occasional contributor Pat Law focus on young and up-and-coming talents and regularly feature artists who are either still in university or polytechnic or have just graduated. Tomorrow’s world-famous architects, photographers, illustrators, or fashion designers, perhaps?

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I’ve written here before that Singapore has fully embraced the analogue photography lifestyle/movement. It’s a technological throwback I find quite interesting. (I haven’t made the leap and purchased an analogue camera yet, however.) Recently, Culturepush partnered with Lomography to present the first “Singapore themed rumble.” Participants submitted their best shots of Singapore’s nightscapes, cityscapes, and urban design. The winners can be found here.

Here are just a few of my favorites of the rumble’s 751 entries. They inspire me to get out even more and explore this fascinating city.

(Additional credits: Top to bottom: robynleelldeniselainiko_fuzzyfuzk23. All photographs via Lomography x Culturepush.)

6 responses

  1. Lomography is a hit here too in malaysia! I love lomography and these images are just pure beauty. So inspiring. I want to make more cozy/camera cases inspired by Lomography cameras. Have a lovely, merry, happy day and love to you.

  2. i love the pics :). likewise, i agree that lomo is huge in singapore! i’m way too late in the scene but i’m definitely hoping to get a holga or film camera soon to play around with. any suggestions on what to get? :)

  3. @notabilia! :) Awesome! I’m also thinking of getting a Holga as well. It seems like a brand that is very raved about and I’ve seen many beautiful pics taken with the Holga too. Are you intending to get one?

  4. Wow, what gorgeous photos. I wish I could take photos like these. Singapore has changed so drastically in a short period of time.