The PlayDome: Kaleidoscope of Dreams

Singapore, sadly, does not (yet?) have an dedicated children’s museum. Very soon, however, the National Museum of Singapore, in partnership with Playeum: The Play Museum, will kick off a six-week child-centered museum experience, The Playdome: Kaleidoscope of Dreams.

From May 14 to June 26, the Museum will present original works and interactive installations by a number of Singapore-based artists and creative professionals inspired by the galleries and the Museum’s iconic dome.

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I am incredibly honored to be conducting four public storytelling/art/play workshops on June 25 and June 26 at the National Museum. I’ll be using my picture book, Mama’s Saris, to inspire aspiring writers and artists to explore words, colors, textures, and patterns and express themselves using their bodies, voices, and everyday objects.

My workshops will be held at 11am and 2pm on June 25 and June 26. Each workshop costs $33 for one chid and one parent/caregiver. (Ticket holders to the workshops are entitled complimentary admission to The PlayDome, the Singapore Galleries, and the Living Galleries on the same day.) Each workshop is limited to 12 pairs of participants, so do buy your tickets here soon if you are interested.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or email me if you have any questions.

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There are a number of other fabulous workshops—a song-writing workshop with Corinne Gibbons, a storytelling workshop with Kamini Ramachandran, and a sensory workshop with Roundangle Theatre—and a host of free events. A full schedule can be found here.

(Additional credits: Photograph via National Museum of Singapore.)

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  1. There are children museums in Singapore! Or at the very least, museums with children themes.

    The Children Little Musuem is located somewhere in Arab Street (one of my fav locations to shoot). The first floor is essentially a shop that stocks everything from my childhood days (local tidbits, games, toys, stuff I never knew still existed). The second floor houses stuff you can’t buy. $2 per entry. I managed to find their FB group page:

    Another favorite museum of mine is the Mint Museum of Toys located at Seah Street, very near the National Library. As the name suggests, this musuem is all about toys. Very retro. I guess adults would appreciate it more than kids these days cos the toys are from our generation. No Angry Birds here. :P

    I recommend you to visit both places.

  2. Thanks, @theanalogdork. I guess when I said there were no ‘children’s museums’ in Singapore, I was specifically thinking of the types of museums I grew up with as a child. Children’s museums typically house interactive exhibits that are designed to be manipulated by children. Google ‘children’s museum’; there is one in nearly every city in the United States.

  3. I am so excited for your workshops! K-Pants and I would totally sign up if we weren’t a few thousand miles away. As usual I am inspired by your adventurous, entrepreneurial nature!