greenlaundry by Melly Fong

greenlaundry was one of the first blogs that I added to my reader when I first arrived in Singapore. I love writer/photographer/graphic designer Melly Fong’s visual point of view and I really appreciate seeing her home—my adopted home—through her eyes.

A few weeks ago, I grabbed lunch with Melly, the young, dynamic woman behind the blog. She is funny and energetic and we talked for hours about this and that. She told me that, next time we meet, she’ll take me on a ride on her motorcycle.

Digging Melly’s photography as much as I do? Read an excellent interview with Melly and her love of Lomography on Monday Flying. FYI, she uses a Nikon FM10 with a 50mm/F1.8 lens when shooting on film. And she used a Nikon D40 with a 35mm/F1.8 lens when not.

o o o o o

Follow Melly on Twitter, visit her Etsy shop, and check out Hex, the interactive web design agency that she runs with her partner, Ben.

(Additional credits: Photographs via greenlaundry’s Flickr stream. Used with permission.)

4 responses

  1. I’ve been to that railway track many years ago. It’s one of the local photographers’ favourite spots to go shoot. This chick rides a bike? Too cool.

  2. Her photos are beautiful… She’s got an eye for photography. Love them!! A motorcycle ride! Are you going to do it?