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  1. great post!

    but I would cross off the DURIAN :)… how can you like that stuff? I can’t even walk past the store that is the most exclusive ‘durian store’ in Singapore :)… sells nothing but! )But I have to walk past it (holding breath) to get to one of my favorite Indian Restaurants.)

    agree with everything else… especially “new friends”!

  2. aw, lovely post. let me know if you ever find the bagels and farmers’ markets… I miss the latter too. there are some hydroponic farms in lim chu kang I went to as a kid that you can buy produce from directly, but I dunno if they count!

  3. Thank you for your warm welcome, veira. I regularly shop at the wet markets – fresher produce than at the grocery stores, I think – but the produce is decidedly not local :(. I have come to understand that this is just part of living in Singapore, a small country with virtually no farmland.

  4. love this post. man oh man do i miss my morning bagel with cream cheese…

    i’m in my fourth month here and i think ive finally reached a certain harmony between the things i miss from back home and the things i’ll never find anywhere else (kaya + kopi!).

  5. Great post… I aspire to do a similar one in 6 months.

    I’m getting a taste of farmers’ markest here in Europe. Fresh produce at pretty good prices.

  6. Like everyone else said, great post!!! You’ve done so much with your blog and that is very inspiring! I was surprised to see durian on the list! You’re a challenger!

  7. Hi there, nice post :)

    There’s a farmer’s market every other Sat of the month at Loewen Gardens. I think it’s not an extremely traditional one – I’m not sure how much of the produce/items are imported – but it looks really cool. I have yet to check it out, but hope to do so soon.

    Check out this blog post for more details: http://thebakerwhocooks.net/?p=744.

  8. @Esther, I visited the Loewen Gardens Farmer’s Market soon after I moved here. (My post here: https://notabilia.wordpress.com/2010/11/20/visit-to-loewen-gardens-farmers-market.) As I write there, it’s more food crafters than farmers’ market. All of the food is imported and not just from Malaysia or Thailand but from Brazil and the US! (Truth be told, I was quite horrified that they would call it a famers’ market when they had figs from the other side of the world.)

  9. Time flies, isn’t it? I can still remember us taking the BYW course; can’t believe it was 6 months ago. Or maybe it was since my blog is turning 1 this week ;). Love having you here in Singapore!

  10. Thanks for the clarification about the food crafters bit. I’ll definitely have to make time to check it out myself soon.

  11. @creativespark, New York City bagels contains salt and malt and are boiled in water prior to baking in a standard oven. What also gives them their unique flavor is New York City tap water. My homemade bagels pale in comparison to bagels from my favorite delis.

  12. An impressive milestone, Pooja. Well done. And I’m looking forward for mo’ :)

    Kaya would be on my top – absolutely delicious!