A Coptic Sewn Book

In our final* bookmaking class, we explored coptic binding. “Coptic binding, developed in Egypt in the 4th century, is one of the oldest codex structures and is sewn with a linking stitch that creates an elegant exposed sewing along the spine. The flexibility of the structure allows the book to open flat at each page, making it an excellent choice for sketchbooks, journals, and photo albums.”

A note to my “students”: many thanks for being my guinea pigs this term. I hope you gained a greater appreciation for the basic materials, techniques, and history of this traditional craft.

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* Previously blogged: A Concertina Book, Needle and Thread. If you are interested in informal bookmaking classes in Singapore, please subscribe to my book arts mailing list. I will be announcing summer and fall classes towards the middle of June.

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  1. Thanks again for the classes! You’re a great teacher =). I can’t believe I’ve managed to ‘sew’ myself books! Looking forward to more classes…