They Draw and Cook (and Singapore)

One of my favorite blogs is They Draw and Cook. Founded by Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell, a brother and sister design and illustration team, the site is now the biggest and best collection of illustrated recipes anywhere.

The artists whose work you see on They Draw and Cook “are a varied and talented bunch. Some of them are professional illustrators and practicing artists, while others are passionate doodlers and drawers, and a few have only recently begun to draw.” I admit, I have a secret desire to break out the colored pencils or watercolors and try my hand at drawing a cherished recipe.

They Draw and Cook is a treasure trove of inspiration for visual artists and home chefs. A sampling of the Singapore-based illustrators/cooks on the site (click to enlarge):

The They Draw and Cook book will be published in October. Subscribe to their newsletter, sign up to receive recipe collections, and submit your own recipe.

(Additional credits: Top to bottom: Mashed Sweet Potato by Admira Pustika; Vegetarian Mapo Tofu by Indah Julianty; Sugarless Apple Pie by Chua Tin Giap. All illustrations via They Draw and Cook. Used with permission.)

4 responses

  1. Thanks so much!!! We are thrilled beyond belief with all of these kind words! All of the artists and fans are amazing and wonderful! I LOVE all of these featured recipes and am planning on making the mashed sweet potatoes today!

  2. Oh! How cute! The rose petal jam sounds divine! Darn.. I shouldn’t have bought lingon berry jam today haha.

  3. Beautiful!! Love the whimsical drawings, which is such an interesting way of presenting recipes. Good for those who can’t stand reading through words and need to catch quick glimpses as they cook!