PARCO next NEXT and Yumumu

Another fashion label that I discovered on my last visit to PARCO next NEXT, a joint initiative between Parco Singapore, a department store, and the Textile and Fashion Federation, an industry organization, is Yumumu. On that day, I spotted select pieces from designer Lu Yilin’s S/S 2010 collection, “East Asian Misfits,” a sophisticated, wearable collection that combines kimono-inspired folding, sharp tailoring, and rich fabrics.

From Yumumu’s recently-launched S/S 2011 collection, “New Pastiche,” inspired by influential British artist, David Hockney:

In the words of the designer: “There is an undeniable joie de vivre in [his] brilliant clash of lines, diagonals, and asymmetry that enlivens even the most contained domestic space with motion. Hockney creates collage in movement, with the disparate pieces of his compositions [colliding], sliding, [and] slipping alongside each other in a continual rhythm.

o o o o o

PARCO next NEXT recently announced this year’s lineup and it features 13 new names. I look forward to returning to PARCO next NEXT in a few weeks to check out some of these blossoming labels in local fashion.

(Additional credits: Photographs via Yumumu. Used with permission by Lu Yilin; lace frames via Pugly Pixel.)