Nobleman School of Floral Design

I have always wanted to explore my long-standing interest in floral design, one that I seem to have inherited from my flower-loving mother. On a tip from Eunice at Heaven in a Wild Flower, I enrolled in a basic floral design course at Nobleman School of Floral Design, a second-floor studio and classroom on North Bridge Road.

The photographs above are from my most recent arrangement: gerbera daisies and asters in the European parallel style in a low container.

o o o o o

FYI: All of the introductory classes are taught one-on-one and you can choose to start a course at your convenience. Nobleman offers three time slots per day (morning (11am – 1pm), afternoon (2pm – 4pm), and evening (7pm – 9pm)) and you can choose to be in class once a week, twice a week, or everyday. All you need to do to book your lesson is to call the school at least two working days in advance of your preferred time and day. It’s quite perfect for someone with an unpredictable schedule like mine.

(Additional credits: Plush velvet leaves via Pugly Pixel.)

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  1. Lovely!!! I’ve been wanting to do a course at Nobleman to hone my floral arrangement skills but I kept putting it off. And I have to put it off again with the move to Switzerland… Arh!!

    Can’t wait to see more of your floral creations in time to come!