In Durian Love*

(*Or “Obligatory Durian Post on Expat Blog”)

I heart durians. There, I said it.

Many people find the durian’s distinctive odor overpowering and noxious. Many Southeast Asians who I have met can’t stomach this tropical fruit. The legendary smell of the durian doesn’t offend me. In fact, I find it to be fragrant and seek it out in the wet market where I shop for groceries.

I’ll eat anything with durian in it—pancakes, puffs, smoothies, cheesecake, ice cream, chendol. What other durian treats am I missing, dear readers?

(Additional credits: Photograph by Sarah of luvx3 and @iheartdesserts. Used with permission; vintage fabric deco tape via Pugly Pixel.)

14 responses

  1. Wow! You are a brave lady. But do you think maybe you should have your sense of smell checked? ;) Just kidding. To me they smell like vomit and I am a sympathetic vomiter so I steer clear.

  2. yay, glad you like it too. have you discovered the different types of durian yet… that some are sweet, others bitter-ish while others even taste faintly of liquor ?

    oh how about durian ice kachang ? delish !

  3. My personal favourite is the ‘Durian Salat’ from Bengawan Solo. It’s a thick slab of ooey gooey durian puree over a stack of sweet sticky rice. Enjoy it slighty chilled. Finger lickin’ good!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Have you tried the durian delicacies at Goodwood Park Hotel? We died over the durian crepes there!

  5. I love the scent of durian but somehow I only like it straight from the thorny fruit. Can’t take products of it although my family loves those durian puffs.

  6. Just yesterday I walked by my local durian stand and thought, that smells kind of good. It only took me two years in Asia to come around! That is, my dear, what they call “going local” ;)

  7. what about durian cake – not in the sense of sponge cake, but made from a puree of the fruit cooked with sugar until caramelised into this roll of durian toffee-y goodness. very handy when you’re not in durian country and need a fix.

  8. I love durians, especially the bitter ones! My take is the ever popular Goodwood Park’s variations that comes in so many forms! I’m drooling as I’m typing….

  9. I haven’t tried Durians, but I’ve tried durian chips from Thailand and they were yummy. The durian puff looks yummy!!

  10. Love that you love em! The guy on Bizarre Foods tried one and spit it out straight away! Oh, you’re making me miss home, just as I’ve just made a trip to your (former!) city and became enamoured with it (and all its food!).