My Singapore: Daphne Chui of wanderfolly

Today I am delighted to welcome Daphne Chui, author of my one of my new favorite travel blogs, wanderfolly, to notabilia.

On May 9, 2010, armed with her new passport and “a backpack full of dreams (amongst some clothes),” she flew to Kathmandu from her home in sunny Singapore to start what has been the biggest trip in her life so far.

The trip “left her with a passport that looked like it had gone through the war, a camera that didn’t work properly, and a very empty wallet,” she writes.

Travel, to her, isn’t simply about the destination, but about “getting lost and finding one’s self through mistakes made.”

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I “met” Daph (as she prefers to be called) on—where else?—Twitter. She writes lovingly about Singapore, too. Don’t miss her series of posts about the Jurong Line, a partially-dismantled railway line: A Photo GuideKampung Life Along The TracksDigging Up A Bit of My ChildhoodIs this Goodbye?.

Over to Daph…

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Singapore is full of hawker stands and restaurants and it’s very hard to pinpoint one place and call it “my favourite!”

Supper: Al Azhar
I often go to Al Azhar for roti prata and maggi goreng, perfect for a late night snack.

Sunday Lunch with Family: Asia Grand
My family loves Cantonese dim sum and we go here quite regularly. Asia Grand serves great and fairly affordable dim sum.

Alternate Sunday Lunch with Family: Duck Rice Stall at Block 345, Clementi Ave 5
I think some of the best food we have here is our hawker food. I love the variety! When we are not indulging in dim sum, we eat duck rice at this stall.

Special Occassions: Margarita’s
The margaritas, of course, are fantastic! We tell the owner of the Faber Drive location of Margarita’s, Andy, to choose the dishes for us. We trust his taste and have always been very pleased with his selections. The lamb shank and beef fajitas are some of my favourites.

Quick Cuppa: Shots
I’m at Shots once every other week. The coffee is great, though I do find the food portions a little small. It’s a chill place to relax my afternoons away.


For quirky items, various shops in Chinatown sell loads of knick-knacks, such as old soap bars that my grandparents probably grew up using. You just have to wander and poke around. My friends and I picked up 144 vinyl records that a shop owner threw out because they were scratched and he could not sell them. We haven’t decided what we want to do with them just yet, but I reckon they’ll make good home decor.


I love places that have a live band. I like: Blu Jaz on the first Monday of the month to listen to Omniform, a jazz band; Wala Wala on Thursdays and Fridays; and Timbre @ The Substation.

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Need directions? Check out notabilia’s My Singapore guide!

Know a creative person who wants to share his or her must-stop spots with my readers? Please email all suggestions to me with the subject line ‘My Singapore.’

(Additional credits: Photographs by Daphne Chui. Used with permission from the artist.)

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  1. Yay!!!! I can finally view your beautiful blog. Hope this lasts. Thanks for updating us on Twitter. Made me worry a whole lot less.

    I will now check out wanderfolly. You bring such great links.