PUNCTUM: A Pan-Asiatic Point of View

PUNCTUM: A Pan-Asiatic Point of View is an incredibly beautiful magazine showcasing contemporary photography from across Asia. Edited by Frank Kalero, Lola Mac Dougall, and Rajni George and designed by Inca Roy, PUNCTUM is “a magazine about Asia that uses photography… to portray contemporary life across the continent, as understood by those who live there.” (Full disclosure: Rajni is an old friend and one of my former editors.)

Flip through the first issue here. It features excerpts from Discordant Symmetries, a year-long study by Singapore-born artist Wei Leng Tay which questions what it means to be Chinese in contemporary Singapore and Malaysia. FYI, Discordant Symmetries is on view at Baba House until March 11.

Connect with PUNCTUM on Facebook and keep your eyes open for issue two.

2 responses

  1. I checked it out and really I must thank you again, so interesting and such beautiful photography! You really are doing a fantastic job with your blog, keep it up!

  2. I second Mariella, but you know what I think already.

    This online magazine is just stunning, amazing photos, articles that I yet have to read but most probably ultra interesting.

    Thank you thank you thank you.