My Singapore: Sandy Ng of Cookie Cutter

It is my pleasure to welcome Sandy Ng, the paper-loving, sew-happy crafter behind Cookie Cutter, to notabilia! Her Etsy shop carries hand-embroidered notecards, linen tote-bags, journals made from discarded Enid Blyton books, and more. She obsesses over design and creativity on her beautiful blog.

Sandy and I met over tea (for me) and hot chocolate (for her) soon after I moved to Singapore. She described her journey from “stable, decent-paying job” to lifestyle blogger and crafter and the challenges of being an indie/handmade professional in Singapore. “It’s still trying at times,” she admited. “But it brings me much joy to complete a piece of work with my own hands.”

And now, to Sandy…


I’m a bit reluctant to share this little gem for fear a crowd will dilute its flavour. Returning home after a year in Japan, I searched high and low for good authentic Japanese food on our shores. I knew if I was willing to pay for high-end dinning, the quest wouldn’t be such a tough one. But hey, we crafters don’t earn big bucks! I found my answer in Megumi. It’s unpretentious and serves food that satisfies my yearnings at a reasonable price. If you are familiar with the kitchen staff, try asking for specials that aren’t on the menu. But shhh… keep this place a secret, ya?

When I eat at a hawker centre/coffee shop, I order bak chor mee (minced meat noodles) more then half the time. This is one of my favourite local dishes. I like my noodles al dente—hate soggy ones—with the right amount of chili and vinegar. It’s not easy to find the right stall serving this perfect combination. The stall at Jalan Tua Kong has been great so far. They serve their bak chor mee with fresh succulent prawns, too.


With so many art and craft supplies housed under one roof, Art Friend is the place to go. I like that they have a branch in Takashimaya [on Orchard Road], too.

Golden Dragon in Chinatown is an institution. My mum went there for sewing supplies in her younger days and I go there now.


East Coast Park is the place to be if you want to be near the sea in Singapore. I love the cheerful vibes of this place where young and old go to for fun that is low-cost, if not, free!

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(Additional credits: All graphics and photographs by Sandy Ng. Used with permission from the artist.)

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