Singapore Shopaholic: the little dröm store

Chinatown is fast becoming one of my favorite neighborhoods in Singapore. I can easily while away an afternoon traipsing up and down Club Street, Amoy Street, and Ann Siang Road, home to a variety of independent bookstores, chic restaurants and bars, and quirky boutiques.

Tucked away on Ann Siang Hill is the little dröm store, a gallery shop housing “countless dream clouds, random knick-knacks, and… all things inspiring and heartening.” Lining the shelves is an ordered chaos of vintage curios, modern trinkets, and locally designed finds.

Owners Stanley Tan and Antoinette Wong, an art director and graphic designer, respectively, thoughtfully curate their dreamy shop. In every nook of the little dröm store, browsers will find carefully crafted or delicately kept mementos of childhood. (The View-Master and tin wind-up deer toy surely made me nostalgic!)

I also found a nice selection of art, design, illustration, and photography books from Singapore and beyond. The store also publishes its own books and postcards, including inspirational greeting cards by Stanley and postcards by Antoinette, under the little dröm press imprint.

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“Drömkeepers” Stanley and Antoinette graciously walked me through their wide range of products and highlighted Singapore’s “homegrown creatives.” Here is just a sampling of the one-of-a-kind knick-knacks at the little dröm store.

The store’s in-house line of pins, fashioned after quickly-disappearing mosaic playgrounds in Singapore:

“Autograph Book” cards by Jo, inspired by simply-folded books made in primary and secondary school classrooms. These books often held an eclectic collection of aphorisms and poems about friendship:

Brooches by Malaysian illustrator, Minifanfan:

Other Singaporean or Singapore-based artists found at the little dröm store:

  • terrariums by Mimipong (which would make lovely house-warming presents);
  • hand-sewn prints by Izziyana Suhaimi;
  • postcards and painted drinking glasses by MessyMsxi;
  • girly, vintage-inspired dresses by Dayglo Vintage;
  • nature-inspired jewelry by Rayson Tan of L’ile aux Ashby;
  • Kueh Tutu erasers by Yong Jieyu and Winston Chai;
  • quirky stationery by hansel;
  • Underscore Magazine by HJGHER;
  • limited-edition hand-sewn eye, nose and mouth pins by miun;
  • and environmentally friendly Merlion shopping totes by Hans Tan, perfect for grocery trips to the wet market.

I came home with a vintage Merlion pin and a copy of Fading Places, Aging Faces, a limited-edition photo journal, printed and bound by the little dröm store. The pamphlet is a collection of Antoinette’s photographs of the aforementioned playgrounds and is part of the store’s “pocket memory project,” a visual homage to Singapore nostalgia.

Visitors to sunny Singapore: the little dröm store is a great place to pick up souvenirs of your vacation in the Little Red Dot. No need to buy those silly “It’s a ‘Fine’ City” t-shirts and magnets for your loved ones.

(Additional credits: Photographs via the little dröm store’s Flickr stream. Used with permission from the stores’ owners; Tape strip clip art via Pugly Pixel; Scallop medallion via Pugly Pixel.)

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  1. What a little treasure shop. On our recent visit to Singapore we had an orientation tour and a quick whirl through China Town. I knew it would be one of the places I’d have to explore (child free preferrably) with my Huzz and our cameras. Wonderfully interesting and filled with surprises at every turn.

  2. The little dröm store seems to be cute store with pretty items! I like your pictures. Great job! I always have a hard time finding a neat souvenir. This is a great advice. Thanks! I’m impressed that there are many really cool items made by Singaporean or Singapore based artists that the little dröm store sells.