Stationery and Paper Shopping in Singapore: A Guest Post by Clara of Bloomize

Soon after I arrived in Singapore, I discovered Bloomize: blooming ideas for living, a lifestyle blog by web designer/developer and avid photographer, Clara. Bloomize is devoted to “blooming ideas on design, house-keeping, well-being, photography, and offbeat zakka finds from Japan and all around the world.”

So inspired was I by her beautiful blog that I read her entire archive on one rainy Sunday afternoon. Clara has a great eye and is a talented artist. Check out her “bloom knots,” her paper crafts, and her ingenious garlic-inspired photographs. Her brilliant magnetic knife holder was featured on Ikea Hacker and her stapleless paper binding trick was noted as a MacGyver tip on Life Hacker. She also sells stationery, hobby, and gift supplies in her Etsy shop, Earth Rejoice.

I knew she would be the best person to recommend her favorite resources in Singapore for paper products to paper-mad me… and you! Over to Clara…

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Thanks for inviting me to share.

Big Bookstore – I love this neighbourhood shop because I enjoy the casual, warehouse-like atmosphere, particularly at their big branch in Clementi. Their range of papers, stationery and crafty stuff is pretty impressive. When my hubby and I were still dating, the bookstore (at its former location) in Queenstown was our favourite hangout after work.

Prints –  When I first stepped into this shop after it opened some years ago, I thought it has to owned by a Swede. (The Swedish aesthetics told me so.) The colour-coded presentation of their binders and journals is so refreshing, I thought. Later I read that the co-owner is a Swede! The shop is based in Singapore and its products are made locally.

kikki.K – kikki.K from Australia offers stationery lovers more things to love! Good-looking tools and wares with their distinctive flair will spruce up any workspace and make organizing more inspiring. They opened in Singapore in 2009, their first Asian branch outside Australia.

Fancy Papers – A great place to scout for papeterie of all sorts! This shop has been around for as long as I can remember. I’m in love with the savanna wood grain embossed paper that I bought recently. The handmade papers and silk deco papers are lovely, too.

NBC – Often mistaken as part of Kinokuniya, NBC (Nippon Beauty Card) has been around on our island for more than 20 years. Since there are now more stand-alone shops, it simply means a wider selection of merchandise to fall in love with.

Other shops I like are Paper Market and Made with Love. Both are havens for scrapbookers.

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As much as these places are my favourites (where I can spend a fortune), there are humble neighbourhood stationery shops found in the suburbs, among the HDB flats island-wide, in which I like to pop in to take a look whenever I come across one. I have a soft spot for them, not only because they are not many left, but because I grew up with such small shops. Shop owners knew me and my family and I knew them and their families.

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Thank you so much, Clara! This list is indispensable. I think you’ll find me at Fancy Papers at least once a week.

Friends, old and new, I’ve also stumbled upon ScrapliciousCityluxe (for products by Cavallini & Co.) and Art Friend (for fine art and craft supplies). I’m still searching for a store that carries book binding supplies, such as book board, book cloth, and sturdy, unbleached linen thread.

Do you have a favorite paper or stationery shop not on this list?

(Additional credits: Scallop and starburst medallions via Pugly Pixel; Vellum envelope via Pugly Pixel.)

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  1. Thanks for the stationery love shoutout, notabilia & Clara! kikki.K now has 3 stores in Singapore which you can find here:

    Did you happen to see our gorgeous new Sweethearts range that’s just arrived in stores in time for Valentine’s Day? Too gorgeous!

    You might also be interested to know that all our wrapping papers are double-sided giving you a small repeated print on one-side and a poster design on another.

    Cheers to an organised and inspired 2011!

  2. What a wonderful post, notabilia! I checked every single link on your post. I enjoyed learning about Clara and her gorgeous blog, Bloomize: blooming ideas for living. I enjoyed peeking through her blog.

    I didn’t know that there are this many paper stores in Singapore. When I was there many years ago with my family and I was still in school before email and internet was popular (I feel so old!), there was nothing like this to find out about cool places in the city. I cannot believe how much the technology has advanced. Even though I am Japanese, I never knew about NBC. Thanks again for sharing. Great work!

  3. I adore Fancy Papers myself, and I will go there regularly to purchase papers for some miniature making. I like that there is a wide variety of paper, neatly stacked in little “pigeon holes”, and the prices are reasonable! One of my favourite shops!

  4. Great roundup! I wish I had more to contribute, but I get all my paper shipped in…in crazy bulk orders!

    One of my favourite stationery stores for more basic (read: office) supplies is Stationery Superstore at Funan Mall, which I can easily spend an hour – and lots of money – in!

    For someone who colour codes everything in her life, their range of coloured pens and highlighters is like creative crack.