My Boarding Pass at Prêt à Voyager

I am so honored to share my love of art and travel in this week’s installment of Boarding Pass, “an insider’s look at designers and how they travel,” on Anne Ditmeyer’s beautiful blog, Prêt à Voyager. Anne is a graphic designer, travel maven, and contributing editor at Design*Sponge who has lived in Baltimore and is now based in Paris. (I have much love for both cities.)

Find her lovely photographs on Flickr and follow her on Twitter.

Thank you, Anne, for this wonderful opportunity!

o o o o o

(Additional photographs from our Kochi (Cochin), India trip can be found here.)

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  1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lovely to meet you. How exciting that you’ve been enjoying all the delights of Singapore. I shall have a good read of your blog and pick up lots of great tips I’m sure. My head is filled with all kinds of stuff about this possible move right now, so I’m sure to have lots of questions to ask. Hope you won’t mind.

  2. Congrats! I enjoyed reading about how you travel and more about you in general! You take some great photos, too!! I like the blog, Pret A Voyager. It’s such a neat idea!!

  3. Excellent! I have known Anne’s blog for a long time and we nearly got the opportunity to meet when I was living in Bangkok and she was travelling in SEA (2 years ago, I believe). I like her blog very much! I am off to check out the post :)