I have a “thing” for tea. It’s is my drink of choice. I prefer a cup of malty Assam or citrusy Earl Grey over a demitasse of espresso or a goblet of red wine any day, any time.

So you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover TWG Tea, a Singapore-based luxury tea brand, à la Mariage Frères or Le Palais des Thés. TWG Tea’s hundreds of blends, stocked apothacery-style in their stylish boutiques, can cost from $4.50 to $4,500 for 50 grams!

I popped by their lovely little tea house on the third floor of ION Orchard to pick up 100 grams of Singapore Breakfast Tea and to munch on two tea-infused macarons. (The Moroccan Mint Tea macaron was a bit overpowering, but the Grand Wedding Tea, passionfruit, and coconut macaron was divine.)

My dear New York City friends: Dean & DeLuca on Madison Ave carries TWG Tea.

Do you drink tea? Do you have any favorite blends and brands?

(Additional credits: Photographs supplied by TWG Tea.)

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  1. My gal pal brought me to have lunch at the Raffles Place location and it was so lovely. I enjoyed the food, the tea and the dessert very much. Everything on the menu was tea-based. Wanna check it out together with me next time? I’m a fan of tea too, and I could use more NYker friends in SG. :)

    TWG Tea Salon & Boutique
    Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place
    #01-22, Singapore 048619
    Tel: +65 6538 1837 Fax: +65 6536 7178

  2. I am a tea aficionado, as you know, and stock up every time I am in the UK.

    I love Assam (malty is the perfect word to describe it), and homemade cardamom chai is incredible. Thanks to Momsicle, I inherited a packet of Rishi rooibos chai, which made me swoon.

    However, I will take Earl Grey over any other tea – but only in the afternoon!

  3. Was the Grand Wedding Tea, passionfruit, and coconut macaron more divine than the caramel fleur de sel macaron at La Maison du Macaron? Do tell!

  4. I’m a huge tea lover as well….there’s something about tea, which brings about a refined elegance. Every sip has such a calming and relaxed effect. Coffee on the other hand is all about quick caffine fixes. I generally love my Earl Grey, Camomile and Japanese Ocha. I had Weekend in Shanghai, a type of green tea at TWG and it is fantastic!

  5. I am a big tea lover! Been to the TWG once with my friend, and fell in love with the London Afternoon High Tea (hopefully my memory doesn’t fail me, that’s the name of the tea).

    I drink tea every morning. My favourite is the Marks and Spencer Fairtrade Gold Tea Bag. Affordable, and produces a strong cup of tea. I’d recommend this to anyone who needs a much stronger cup of “wake up” tea. My brother actually swears that he can make 2 cups of tea with just 1 tea bag and the 2nd cup remains just as strong!

    Then I discovered Lupicia Tea few years back. Unfortunately it’s not available in Singapore, and only found in USA, Japan, I think. They do have a website though, and I love their White Christmas and Chocolate Tea. Just so yummy!!