Handmade Singapore: Etsy Edition

What did we do before Etsy? It’s become one of my favorite ways to find personal, one-of-a-kind gifts for my loved ones. I am always Etsy-spelunking, admiring work by talented artists all over the world.

Here are a five Singapore-based* Etsyians whose work I find inspiring. (And if you are still in the market for holiday gifts, several of them are offering end-of-the-year sales and promotions.)

Delicate and elegant jewelry by OpusMuse: 1. Nectar necklace/cuff; 2. Empress earrings; 3. Golden Filigree Lace necklace.

I bought one of these exquisite paper dolls by kirakirahoshi: 1. Indian Girl in Sari and Salwaar Kameez paper dolls; 2. Japanese Kokeshi paper doll and Geisha mini cards; 3. Girl with Cute Pet Puppy Dog paper dolls.

Romantic, detailed, good-enough-to-eat 1:12 scale cakes, pastries, and cupcakes by miniaturepatisserie: 1. Bakery Delight Display Shelf; 2. Homemade Strawberry Short Cake; 3. Assorted Macarons in Box.

Lovely and vintage-y illustrations by HummingBoxStudios: 1. Vintage Teacup illustration; 2. Bernadette Wants To Be A Bear greeting card; 3. Lovely French Eggs illustration.

What an original idea! Garlic-inspired photography by bloomprint: 1. Faith Hope Love fine art print; 2. Keep Calm fine art print; 3. Essentials or Not fine art print.

*as indicated by Shop Local

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Have an Etsy shop? Sell your crafts elsewhere online? Email me and tell me more!

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  1. @bussbuss, thanks for stopping by. If you need anything as you prepare for your trip, don’t hesitate to email. I don’t know all the answers but am meeting people who do!

  2. I knew miniaturepatisserie and absolutely love her work, what a beautiful shop! The last two mentioned in your post are quite recent and I did not know about them. Thanks for sharing, I think they are pretty too, and promising!

  3. @Kaho. Etsy has this wonderful feature called Shop Local (link above). It’s a great way to find artists in your area. I bet you can find lots of artists based in Indonesia!

  4. Dearest sweet notabilia, thank you so much for adding my little space to your reader list! These are really talented artists and i love their creations. I am a fan of miniaturepatisserie!! Loving all her creations so much! Love to you!

  5. It’s such a wonderful surprise to find my handmade jewelry featured & appreciated by a fellow Singaporean. I love the shops you have mentioned on your interesting blog.

    Thank you so much for the love ;)

    Happy 2011 !!!