A Snapshot of Sentosa

On a lazy Sunday, we made our way to Sentosa, an island off the southern tip of Singapore. Sentosa is part-Disneyworld/part-Las Vegas/part-Miami Beach and a popular getaway for Singaporeans. Many come here to relax at the various resorts, spas, and golf courses that dot the island. Others spend their afternoon on beaches on land reclaimed from the sea or flirt with Lady Luck at Resorts World Sentosa. Still others wander around Universal Studios Singapore, take a ride on the Tiger Sky Tower, Singapore’s tallest observatory tower, or meet Sentosa’s most famous resident, The Merlion.

I went to Sentosa Island to try my hand at photographing the parade of vessels that line the horizon just outside one of the world’s busiest ports. I took the picture above from a jetty near Siloso Beach. Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi played in the distance. While I clicked away, a handful of Segway-riding tourists swirved and swirled in a patch of sand nearby.

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  1. Great shot! It looked like some faraway exotic place until you said Paparazzi was playing in the background. Then it brought me back to cheezy Sentosa…hehe

  2. @kierstens, we spent the early afternoon at Sentosa Golf Club, which has a completely different feel than the “boardwalk” area of Sentosa. We saw nearly a dozen peacocks and peahens perched on cement barricades near the Club. They were much too quick for my camera and I must go back to capture them. (Signs near the Club warn car-owners that, during mating season, peacocks express aggressive behaviors and have been known to attack reflective surfaces. “Park at your own risk,” the signs say!)