Kaya Toast for Breakfast

While Googling “best kaya toast singapore,” I landed upon ieatishootipost’s recommendation to check out Tong Ya Coffeeshop. He writes, “This is one of the best thin sliced, crispy Kaya Toast in town!” Who am I to argue with Singapore’s most well-known food blogger?

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Kaya is basically a pandan-flavored coconut custard. It is smeared on slices of de-crusted bread and topped with thick slabs of cold butter. Kaya toast is served with hot kopi or teh and soft-boiled eggs that are seasoned with soy sauce.

I ordered my toast “extra crispy” and my bitter tea with milk (lactose-intolerance, be damned). I’m not a fan of runny eggs, but many of my fellow diners were dipping their “sandwiches” into soft egg whites and gooey yellow yolks.

My breakfast was delicious. The bread was crumbly and the sweet, grainy kaya was perfectly balanced by the smooth butter.

When I apologized to my table companion for taking too many pictures by explaining that I was new to town, she welcomed me to Singapore, told me to enjoy my meal, and advised me to order the coffee next time.

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You can find kaya in almost any supermarket here in Singapore. Ya Kun Kaya Toast, a chain restaurant, sells a preservative-free bottle in their outlets. But if you have time and patience, kaya doesn’t seem too difficult to make. Here’s a recipe from a Malaysia-based blog. My dear American friends: while you can serve it the traditional way, can’t you see some slathered over banana-topped, brioche French toast?

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  1. YUM! DOUBLE YUM! Tea, gooey eggs, bread, butter – what more could you ask for?

    Happy Thanksgiving! I’m glad to have you in my life x