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Few places in the world can match Singapore for food. The choice is staggering. Within a few hundred metres, there might be a hawker centre selling Singaporean, Peranakan, Chinese and Malay specialities, and a food court with Japanese, Korean and Thai stalls. Next to these might be a coffee shop serving up barbecued seafood and spicy, soupy laksa, and an Indian shophouse making wafer-thin roti pratha and chicken curry.

It’s hard to know whether this multitude inspired Singapore’s food obsession, or whether the obsession inspired the multitude. Either way, Singaporeans are obsessed with eating. They think nothing of driving right across the island to sample a renowned sambal stingray or chilli crab, and whenever a new food fad hits town, they will happily queue for an hour to get their hands on it.

Tastes of Asia: Singapore

Urban legend here has it if you ask five people the best place to get “chicken rice,” for example, you will get five different answers. I haven’t asked anyone this question yet, but when I do, I’ll surely let you know their recommendations.

For now, five foodie blogs for you to add to your list of regular reads. I discovered these delicious blogs earlier this year when we found out we were relocating. They have given me great insight into the local food culture.

The Little Teochew: Singapore Homecooking
Recipe: Breakfast Char Kway Teow
Follow: @littleteochew

Noob Cook
Recipe: Spicy Mandarin Orange Juice
Follow: @noobcook

Chubby Hubby: Whining, Dining & Marriage
Recipe: Hainanese Chicken Rice
Follow: @chubbeehubbee

i eat i shoot i post
Restaurant Review: Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak: Power to Draw the Crowds!
Follow: @ieatishootipost

Restaurant Review: Good Morning Nanyang Cafe 早安南洋 at Chinatown Point
Follow: @Camemberu

Singaporeans, what other foodie blogs should I read? Post your suggestions in the comments.

7 responses

  1. Mmm… the Breakfast Char Kway Teow sounds amazing. You’ll have to post about your Teh Tarik – pulled tea – adventures. We’ve been looking for a NYC place that serves this!

  2. The thing I miss most about Singapore by far is the food! I used to have chicken rice for lunch nearly every day and have yet to find it any restaurant in the states. Woe.

  3. My stomach is grumbling!!!!!! Please go on a chicken rice quest and report back. I am left tantalized by the street stalls prospect, as well. Photos, please!

  4. Hello! I have just seen your comment on Bloesem blog-site!(I am a fan)
    I have moved to Singapore a few months ago as well. We were in Hong-Kong before. We could discover and sharing so nice places to go/see …? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

  5. Same here! There is a chicken rice place that I yet have to check on Sea Street, next to the toy museum.

    Why don’t we go check it out, maybe with Caroline, and who ever wants to join?

    With my husband we are big fans of chicken rice and would taste it every time there is a chance/new place. There is a place in River Valley road where we like to go, not the very famous one, the other one next to it (sorry, can’t quite remember the names!)

    May I add that hubby lately cooked chicken rice at home, and it was the best I had ever eaten :) to die for!